Product FAQ

Q.1How to obtain the product information of our company?


In order to allow our customers to swiftly and conveniently obtain the product information of our company, NICHIBO provide the following methods to satisfy the demand of our customers?

Internet You can conveniently and immediately check the latest news and relevant product information of our company via Internet.

Call service Regarding the usage, selection and technical questions, we provide dedicated persons to be at your service. Welcome to contract us.

Mail categoryWelcome to ask for our category via phone call or mail, or please enter the “Sheet consultation” below “Service location” of our website to fill your detailed data; then, we will provide service for you ASAP.

ExhibitionOur company will irregularly participate in the exhibitions in Taipei and China in order to exhibit the newest motor models of our company and specifically describe our products to interact with our customers.

We sincerely welcome you to go to theContact us of the website and select theSales support to select the service window our company in each area to contact us.

Q.2How to use the website to search relevant data of applicable motors?


Our company provides 3 kinds of search method in order to allow our customers to more efficiently search the applicable motor products.

Please select one of the following 3 methods in theProduct information o the homepage.

Total product list

Provide the product list of all motors of our company; click the icons on the columns to display the detailed information.

Purposes of products

Classify the motors according to their applicable purpose; you can compare the purposes of our products with the types of your products as the reference.

Product search

Make cross comparison according to the appearance, size, voltage and purpose to search the characteristic data of the motor which you need.

Q.3How to ask for the samples from our company?


Our company can customize the desired motor characteristics within the model sizes which we produce according to the requirements of our company and provide the swift sample manufacturing service for test.

We provide the dedicated persons to provide the service in bot of Taiwan and China. Welcome you to contact us via phone call or mail.

We sincerely welcome you to go to the “Contact us” of the website and select the “Sales support” to select the service window our company in each area to contact us.

Q.4Do I have to pay for the sample? How long is the delivery?


Our company provides the free sample for our customers to test in some conditions; please refer to the following description:


If the customer asks for the models and the brushless DC motors of Model 997, 987, 775, 770, 755, 750…, we will change additional fee if the number of the samples is more than 1PCS;

Regarding other models, we will change additional fee if the number of the samples is more than 5PCS.

►Delivery fee

All motor samples of our company are manufactured in China, so the customers should pay the fee of delivering the samples to Taiwan; you can select one of the following two delivery methods, and the payment description is as follows:

● Express: The samples are delivered to Taiwan via air transportation and the payment should be made when you receive the samples; as our company will not process the delivery fee, so cannot provide the receipt & invoice; if you need to make reimbursement or invoice for payment, please ask for the receipt from the deliveryman of the express company.

● Marine transportation: If the samples are delivered together with the scheduled containers of our company to Taiwan, the delivery will be about 10-20 days.


In general, the delivery is about 3-4 weeks of working days, which will be adjusted according to the actual sample orders and the models.


Q.5How many is the lowest transaction amount of a common order? How long can the ordered products be delivered?


The lowest transaction amount of our company is 5,000PCS and the delivery due date is the 45th day after we receive the order.

However, the delivery may still be further adjusted according to the actual order schedule situation.


Q.6If the motors received cannot work normally or are damaged, how can I solve the problem?


Based on good faith principle, we take our customers’ problems as the first priority and do our best to solve various conditions of the motor malfunctioning and provide immediate technical support in order to allow our customers to have complete guarantee after purchasing our products.

If the motors which you receive are defected, please send the motors back to our company for analysis, we will provide the analysis report and solution for you in a short time so as to solve the problems immediately.

Q.7Does our company provide the retailing service? Does our company provide the stores for selling your products?


Our company currently only accepts producing products based on orders, so cannot provide the retailing service. As the characteristics of all motors are customized, the motors of our company cannot provide the stores for retailing service. Sorry for your inconvenience!